The Final Countdown

DSCN1068I feel like I’ve had a pretty emotional week after moving home after finishing my final year at university. It’s been non-stop trying to cram in seeing all my wonderful friends and family as well as gather last minute things before I leave. Saying goodbye has been the hardest, especially to my grandparents. It almost feels as though I’m not coming back.

I still have yet to actually have a full day to just relax (which is pretty impossible… seeing as I’m heading to the airport tomorrow night – oh god!). After years and years of saving and enthusiastically researching South America, it’s strange to think that in a matter of days I will finally be living my dream.

I’m still pretty nervous. But thankfully it’s not been as bad as previous weeks and the excitement is beginning to creep back. I have just finished packing up all my stuff, after a whole day of packing and repacking. Reluctantly I weighed my backpack and to my surprise it only comes to 13kg! Not bad huh?! I’ve taken it for a hike around the back garden and I didn’t keel over so I’m feeling positive.

Keep checking back on my blog. Next time you hear from me I shall be in Peru! DSCN1063


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