La Paz to the Pampas

Since I last wrote in Arequipa after the adventures of Colca Canyon, we have crossed the border in Bolivia. We drove from Puno to La Paz, enduring an extremely tedious border crossing where it seemed it was a free for all. After a night in La Paz we then tried to catch a bus but there was a huge parade taking up the whole road so we had to walk to the bus station. Due to altitude every step feels like you´re drunk!


From La Paz we embarked on the bus ride from hell. Almost 18 hours into the night down a treacherous road which makes up part of the infamous Bolivian Death Road. We descended into cloud and then pitch black, and with no tarmacked surfaces we were constantly thrown up out our seats. On arriving in Rurrenabacque, a jungle town, we went down to the river to catch a boat across to the other side, then to Quest´s project in the jungle, where they build enclosures for sick animals. This is the hut we stayed in, shared with a number of creepy crawlies and bats.


We spent two days at the project, helping out with moving rocks and sand. Then we embarked on a 3 day tour of the pampas, or the wetlands, enjoying time on the motorised canoe spotting wildlife and chilling in the hammocks at the eco park.


Not got much time now so will have to continue the updates some other time.


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