Jungle Living

I´m currently sat in a little internet cafe on my lonesome in Potosi. It´s the highest city in the world but the altitude hasn´t quite hit me yet. The rest of the group has gone down the working silver mines, but I decided to avoid it. So armed with two dodgy maps I´ve been wandering around the streets, asked for directions half a dozen times with half-assed Spanish and eventually found the main plaza. I immediately get pounced upon by a small boy with grubby hands when I stop to sit on a bench, asking to shine my shoes. I look down at my dust engraved walking boots and think how pointless that might be, so instead I shared with him my chocolate biscuits.

I´ve got a coupleof hours to kill so I can finally update my blog with some more photos and stories! Going back to the Amazon… Here are some photos I took during our 2 day stay at the Jacj Cuisi project.





Then after an extremely uncomfortable ride back to Rurrenabacque on the back of a flatbed truck, we had a meal out at a gorgeous restaurant called Juliano´s, then went out for cocktails at this nice little bar called the Luna Lounge. The next day we piled into taxis for a 4 hour drive to the pampas. Bolivia is not known for tarmacked roads and so every rock you go over is like a whack to the spine! Once we´d transferred into our ecolodges we spent the next few days checking out the wildlife. On the third day we donned wellies and strode through the wetlands, and found an anaconda. Here´s some pics:








Then it was back to Rurrenabacque for another delicious meal. It was until I was getting ready for bed that night though that I realised I had stupidly left my glasses back in the eco lodge, 4 hours away. The next morning we got up at 7am to go back to the legendary french patisserie. Me Emily and Nat were a little early, so instead of sitting and waiting we walked down to the riverside to explore.


After breakfast we went down to the tour office and they managed to get someone to agree to bring them back for me, before we were due to get the plane.Then it was a quick change and bags away before we hiked up the hill to the mirador pool. This place was stunning! Views went on for miles over the rolling hills and water.



Ah… the jungle plane. After getting my glasses back, checking in then getting minibuses to the airport, we caught a glimpse of our plane. A noisy rickety thing, and the airfield was literally just a field, cows were still roaming around on it and the security check man had to go run after them! I am not a fan of planes as it is. I kept my eyes open long enough to watch the jungle disappear below us and the mountains rise up. I have to admit the views over La Paz when we were landing were amazing though, so many jagged peaks and house spreading for miles and miles across the land.


After landing in La Paz we were straight onto an overnight bus to Sucre. The bus had cushy seats but was FREEZING. There must have been a draft somewhere because my face felt like it had had air con directly on it for 12 hours. Sucre was beautiful though. Lovely colonial buildings lined the streets, and after a visit to a cheap but amazing fruit market (2 banana milkshakes for just 30p!) we split up and went off to explore. We trekked up the hillside to find the Mirador Restaurant. After a bit of confusion we eventually found it, and once again we were greeted by stunning views.



And so after a day in Sucre and another bus later, I find myself in Potosi. Having a bbq later then hitting the thermal baths, then onto a few days driving across the Salar de Uyuni. Going to be freezing but awesome!


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