First Day in Sunny Buenos Aires

After having an awesome night´s sleep at the hostel I headed down to breakfast with one of my dorm mates, a Swiss girl called Katarina. I was extremely happy to discover that breakfast consisted of unlimited rolls, jam, fruit and cereal, as well as orange juice and coffee (this comes from weeks of eating stale, usually plain rolls…). After three bowls of cereal I had to restrain myself from having more and looking fat in front of the other people in the hostel.

After breakfast I went to see about the status of my bag. The girl at reception phoned up the airport and luckily they´d found it, and said they´d deliver it today. I went back to the room and Katarina was checking out, so I spent the day with her wandering the streets of Buenos Aires, shopping for clothes and other tat. Walking down to Puerto Madero, the bridge of the woman, and took some photos. It´s been a really hot and sunny day, unlike my last few days in Peru. We wandered over to the resevoir and had huge steak, egg and cheese sandwichs from a stall and ate them in the sun. Then we headed off to Florida St for some more shopping.








DSCN1679  DSCN1681  DSCN1683




Now I´m just chilling back at the hostel. There´s a bbq on the roof tonight and a party down at the bar later, so I´ll be checking it out. THANKFULLY my bag has just showed up so I no longer have to look like a hobo in my 3 day old clothes and whiffy walking boots! Haven´t been down to check yet but fingers crossed it´s actually my bag!


2 thoughts on “First Day in Sunny Buenos Aires

  1. hi Steff!
    Sitting with Granny in Bearwood thinking about rich South American gentlemen (well, Granny is anyway!!) I’m just thinking how nice it would be to lie on a bench in the sun. Was that a picture of the sainted Eva Peron on the side of the building there? Then you know you’re definately in Buenos Aires!!
    Hope the bag has definately turned up now.
    besos, embrazos y mucho amor
    Tio y abuella xxxxxxxxx

  2. Trust her to! I´m not sure I´ve met any rich gentlemen though! And yep it is. Bag turned up the day after I arrived in the evening so luckily we weren´t parted too long 😛 xx

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