Colourful La Boca


So after the fail of the rooftop bbq, I walked down the street for quite a while to find some food. I ended up in MCDonalds. Feeling a bit lonerish I ordered my meal and sat down. It appears here in Argentina a McChicken sandwich comes with bacon. Also the crew members wear double denim for uniform… I´m not sure if thats worse than the bright green get up back home…

Around 10pm I wandered back to the hostel and the party still wasn´t going yet, and I couldn´t find my Brazilian dorm mate Evelyn so I sat around on the computers waiting. By half 11 I went back upstairs to get ready then came back down and forced myself to go to the bar. It was a bit nervewracking, but I bought a cheap cocktail and turned around, only to see Evelyn over on a sofa surrounded by people. Turns out the cheap cocktails were pretty lethal and the night turned hilarious. I met people from America, Canada, Brazil (everybody is Brazilian here I swear!), Netherlands and Italy. When I got back to my room just after 3am it had been filled by Brazilian girls.

This morning I woke 10 minutes before breakfast was ending, so I ran down and filled as many bowls of cereal as I could to catch it in time. Hanging immensely, me and Evelyn then decided to catch a bus to La Boca, the district full of colourful houses. We wandered around, taking photos and eating hot dogs.


Tomorrow I think I will try and go to San Telmo and visit the Sunday markets, which are apparently quite popular.


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