Slight Change of Plan: 5 Months in South America

DSCF0368The problem with wanting to see and do everything that’s out there is that it becomes really difficult to priortise the places you want to visit first.

A month ago I uploaded a post detailing a plan to travel to Colombia for 10 weeks. However I later found details about about an organisation based in Venezuela offering programs involving intensive spanish lessons, trekking and volunteering. It seemed like everything I wanted. I’ve been trying to teach myself Spanish at home over the last couple of months, and although I’m improving I know I’d benefit a lot more learning it in-country. Having always been interested in Venezuela, but having considered it too dangerous to travel alone, I put it off as something I might do when I’m older. By travelling with an organised program I will be free to experience some of the beautiful sights of this exotic country firsthand, including kayaking on the Orinoco Delta, trekking to the summit of Mount Roraima, marvelling at Angel Falls and of course, learning Spanish at Playa Colorada.

I plan to try and head off on a little excursion of my own to Maracaibo to try and catch a glimpse of the phenomenon known as the Catatumbo Lightning as I will be there around the right time of year.

Now this may or may not happen depending on how adventurous I feel but… it would be pretty spectacular to witness.

So now my plan includes not only Colombia, but Venezuela too. After 3 months in Venezuela I would cross into Colombia and continue to do the same itinerary I planned before, just in reverse (beginning in Santa Marta and ending in Bogotá). And minus the volunteering program in Cartegena as I will already have taken part in some by that time, back in Merida.

Now 8 months to finish saving for it!


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