Packing for 2 Weeks in Sri Lanka


With my trip to Sri Lanka rapidly approaching in a few days, I’m trying my best to finalise all my plans and finishing gathering what to pack. It’s been increasingly difficult trying to plan this holiday since taking on a new job permanently, which has been eating up 12 hours of my day including the travel time. Unlike previous years where I had plenty of free time to plan, I now feel rushed off my feet, and consequently everything has become a bit last minute (which I do not like at all!).

The Route

Colombo > Pollanaruwa > Sigiriya > Minneriya National Park > Dambulla > Kandy > Ella > Colombo > Bolgoda Lake > Colombo > Negombo

The Backpack

Last weekend I went hunting for a bag to carry my belongings. The rucksack I took to South America is much too big at 60 + 15L, so I headed back to Go Outdoors to find a smaller one. After much deliberation I decided on this 35L HiGear backpack. At only £19.99 it has everything I figure I’ll need; pockets, padded and adjustable straps, bungee cords on the body for flipflops.The only thing it didn’t include was a raincover, but I picked one up for about £4.99.


Weather and Climate

Following the current weather forecasts for the first few days in July, Sri Lanka seems to be a bit of a mix. I’ve read it’s monsoon season in the west and southern regions, but dry and sunny in the north and east. I’ll be travelling through both so, it’s going to be interesting! Currently in Colombo it’s 29c and thundery showers. In Kandy it’s sunny intervals and 30c. In Pollanaruwa in the east it’s 33c and sunny. At least the constant thing is that it’s going to be hot – so I can plan my clothing around that.


I’ve chosen to collect together a mix of interchangeable clothing, which are light, airy, and importantly, made of cotton. It’s going to be hot but I’ll need to cover up conservatively in certain areas of the country.

Clothing-wise I’m packing:

1 x cardigan, 1 x jumper, 5 x tops, 1 x vest, 2 x dresses, 1 x skirt, 1 x shorts, 1 x leggings, 1 x loose trousers, 1 x rain jacket


Shoe-wise I’m packing:

1 x sandals, 1 x pumps, 1 x flipflops



Skipping out on any hair products and straighteners like last time, so saving a lot of room. Will be sharing shampoo / toothpaste etc with my mom, who I’ve persuaded to backpack for the first time with me!



Trying to decide on what day bag to take was a nightmare. I’m still not 100% sure but I don’t want to buy a new one. I was going to take a small rucksack but then thought, do I really need it? It’s only two weeks this time. For now I’m taking this wine coloured bag which can be worn across the body. It has lots of zipped pockets to hide various stuff in and has plenty of room for all the essentials. The colour doesn’t match that fantastically with all my outfits but… hey ho – it fits in all my stuff!

Also a note – best buy of last summer was the GoalZero battery charger in the picture. It came as part of a solar charger (which I left behind). It was invaluable when travelling around frequently as if my mp3 player ran out on a bus, I could simply plug it into the battery pack and it would charge up. And when I needed to charge the batteries from a mains socket, I could simultaneously plug in another device to charge from it at the same time.

Definitely worth buying the same or equivalent.


I am endeavouring to keep my blog updated whilst I’m out in Sri Lanka, so look out for whether I did actually pack well (…or really badly!).


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