Quitting My Job To Travel To Venezuela


When I wrote my last post about wanting to find my path this year and travelling for six months around Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela, I didn’t think I’d figure it out so soon.

In the last week I have evolved from feeling lost and without purpose to finally finding my focus. I feel relieved. I have decided to apply to go back to university. It’s a big decision. After working for several months as a Graphic Designer, I’ve come to find that perhaps that direction is not for me. After much deliberating and research, I have decided to try and find an avenue where I can follow my true passion – art and illustration – and combine that with something I can see myself working towards in the near future – to become a lecturer.

It’s going to be a long road, but now I feel focused I am determined to turn my hand to getting there. With the intention to start a teaching course in September, and then an MA in Illustration the following year,  I now need to switch about my travel plans.

With limited time and less than ideal seasons coming up, Venezuela is top on my list to do. I am working until the end of my notice in February, then shall be leaving for Venezuela in early March.

The plan is to spend three months out there, learning Spanish, kayaking, living on the beach, volunteering with the local community, visiting the Orinoco delta, hiking Mount Roraima and visiting Angel Falls. I will also possibly make it up to the city of Merida, if time permits.

Now to book my flights and trip…

I feel like everything is finally coming together.


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