Return to South America



Last night I booked my flights to Caracas. It’s official. After more than a year of um-ing and ahh-ing, I’ve finally booked it. I’m going to Venezuela.

Last year brought some doubts, and I put it off, but now it’s for definite. I shall be returning to South America in 7 weeks. As the departure date nears I am getting a little nervous, but hopefully once I land and settle in at Playa Colorada the nerves will leave me and the adventure will begin.

For anyone interested in reading about the organisation I shall be joining in Venezuela, I shall be taking part in the 12 week Travelling Classroom with Jakera.

As far as I can tell there is no internet at the place I will be based at for the first 8 weeks, but apparently trips can be made to the next town for WiFi. If I travel over to Merida in my final 4 weeks to volunteer there will be internet though.

I’ll endeavour to keep this blog updated and e-mails replied to as best as I can!


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