A New Horizon


Today is the day.

In five hours I will be leaving to catch an overnight coach down to London Heathrow. My flight is early tomorrow morning. It feels a little strange heading to the airport in the evening… usually flights seem to be at such an unreasonable hour. In the last couple of weeks I’ve grown more and more nervous, anxious about what these next twelve weeks in Venezuela might really entail. I feel a little how I felt two years ago, when I was building up to leaving for South America for the first time. I was scared about all the things that could go wrong and how I would handle them. I was scared of being robbed. Thankfully that trip went smoothly and I came back with positive recommendations for the continent.This time is a little different. Venezuela is not exactly a top tourist spot. But, I am grateful to be spending the three months with an organisation, and not being fully on my own.

I’ve felt surprisingly relaxed today, considering tonight I’ll be leaving. It’s like it’s not quite hit me that I’m going back to South America. I’m about to embark on another (amazing) adventure. The sun has shone all week for me, even though it began a little rough. I had to say goodbye to a relationship with an old flame that wasn’t quite right anymore, but I come away from it with a friend. I will still miss him dearly but I know it was the best decision for the both of us. From there, I interviewed for a place on a renowned teaching course at university, and was made an offer. And on Wednesday I passed my driving test, after a long, long time learning (what can I say, I’m not so good at picking up practical skills).

Today I spent a lunchtime with my whole family, eating cakes and all things bad, showing off my new walking boots, explaining what exactly am I doing again… When everybody left I ventured to the local park with my younger sister. We hadn’t been there in so long. With the sun on ours faces and a gentle breeze, it felt like the beginning of a newer, happier time.

I feel excited for what the next few months might bring, and the possibilities for my life beyond this South American journey.

IMG_20150307_161244888IMG_20150307_161605136_HDR (1)IMG_20150307_161846161IMG_20150307_164331586

…I’m going to Venezuela!!


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