First Few Days at Playa Colorada


Writing from the next town over, Puerto La Cruz. Trying to blog from phone so a little difficult. Trip is fantastic so far. Travelling with four Icelandics, one Dutch and one Swiss. Everybody is lovely – especially the Venezuelans. To not feel unsafe here at all – if anything I feel more chilled here than other south American countries.

Staying in a posada in Playa Colorada. Very open and airy. Lots of hammocks and places to lie down. The village is small and simple but there is all we need there. Yesterday morning I hiked with the group up the hillside for morning exercise, and today we played Frisbee on the beach and swam in the sea before breakfast. Weather is hot, everyday. Always sunny.

Spanish lessons are everyday at 2pm. A lot of speaking, so we can pick it up quicker. Really enjoying the slow pace of life. I like wearing no makeup and not doing my hair. I like that all I need to put on is sun cream. Only downside to everything is that I’ve been bitten terribly already. But its OK, it’s from the puri puri and not the mosquitoes.

Looking forward to lifting the veil to more of  Venezuela and seeing what else is depicted falsely in the media!


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