Hiking, Kayaking & A Touch Of Merengue


Since arriving in Playa Colorada life has been non stop.

Every morning we rise at 6.30am to do morning exercise – sometimes its a hill hike (killer in the heat), a game of Frisbee, or exercises on the beach and then a swim. Its tough but good fun before breakfast.

We’ve tried our hands at a little sea kayaking to test the waters for our upcoming three day sea kayaking expedition around Mochima National Park. We took a walk around the village of Playa Colorada with one of the local boys – everybody we walked past inside their homes were friendly and greeted us. They seemed not bothered by us, and we were told that is because they know of the work that Jakera does for their village. It was eye opening to see some of the living conditions of the poorer residents. It was a shame to see rows of empty but well made houses that the government had started to build after a mudslide several years ago but failed to finish them to a livable standard. The locals are too poor to finish them themselves. The houses could have come right out of Europe.

Last night we donned some smarter clothes and got ready for some merengue. Ahh it was so much fun!

Some of the local boys came round to our posada to show us how to dance the merengue, and then till the early hours we danced and spun around to a mix of Western and Latin music.

Catching the internet as best I can with limited time in Puerto la Cruz. Everything has been fantastic so far… The food, the people, the experiences. The bites are no longer increasing in quantity but I’ve been told that I’m allergic (the other guys have tiny pinpricks… I have red golf balls growing on my legs!!)

Until next time!


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