Kayaking Expedition Around Mochima National Park


Been struggling to upload pictures so far as the cafe we’ve been to can’t cope with my camera pictures… Messed with my phone and found a way to change size of the photos… So hopefully I can get some up here.

Kayaking was great fun but incredibly tiring. We fought against wave after wave and wind to reach an island. What was meant to take about two hours took us four and a half.

On shore we took Spanish lessons then set up hammocks and tents. It was my first time in a hammock. Very very windy!! But so much fun. The next day we kayaked to another island. The sea was a lot calmer and the sun shone. A pod of dolphins broke through the surface and swam along side us as we paddled. Stunning red birds with curved beaks glided across the sky, their red bodies like neon against the cloudless blue sky. It was beautiful. That night we set up camp on the beach after doing some snorkelling by a coral reef earlier in the day. It was my first time snorkeling and it was breathtaking – so many fish and strange sea urchins and coral.

Yesterday we kayaked back to the mainland, utterly exhausted, sandy and sunburnt. Every last piece of clothing was taken round to the neighbours to wash!

This morning we took a boat out and tried diving for the first time. Scary at first, but the Canadian diving instructor was very patient and we all had a go diving by another small reef. Multicoloured tubeworms twisted and hid inside the rocks. I have decided to become PADI scuba dive qualified and will be taking a three day course this week in Mochima. We’ll be diving down to a shipwreck on the final day.

Truly loving every moment here in Venezuela. It is even more beautiful than expected and the people are more than friendly. We walk around with ease in the towns and with no trouble. It’s hard to imagine coming home from here, life is so simple and slow that any stress I had before has just waned away.

Looking forward to becoming PADI qualified and taking on the hike in Caripe next week.





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