About Me

Hi, I’m Steph.


I first caught the wanderlust bug in my teens. I think this stemmed from years of being asked “where did you go nice this holiday?” by teachers at secondary school. The other kids would say Spain and France and America and the like and my answer would always be, “Wales. Again”.

Not that I didn’t like Wales. It was fun, still is. But my classmates were getting to see a bigger picture of the world and I wanted in on that too. As soon I was old enough I began putting away savings for future travels. My ultimate dream was always to put together enough money to hike to Machu Picchu in Peru. Finally in 2013 I lived my dream and backpacked across South America, and this was my blog along the way. I’m now building upon it since returning home with stories and travel tips from my travels.

I’m also a freelance illustrator, designer and artist. I take on creative projects through my website – www.stephaniesekula.co.uk.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Stephanie, Very interesting to read your blog. I live in Brazil, in São Paulo – have you been there? You are invited to visit blog, among the translation-related bits I have some tourism tips for your next trip.
    Brazil has a lot to offer, from the sun-kissed beaches of Recife to the vast Amazon Forest and even some cities where you can see snow!
    Saudações e beijos do Brasil (Regards and kisses from Brazil),

  2. Hi Steph, l loved reading your review on the tour in Search of Iguasso Falls. My daughters too will be doing the same tour later this year. I have tried to get an answer from G tours on my following query, which is…. day 17 the tour finishes in Rio, therefore you arrive in Rio on day 16 – however is there a tour that takes you up to the Christ the Redeemer &/or the favelas on day 16, as it would be a shame to arrive in Rio and not be given the opportunity or rushed otherwise because of ‘no time’. My daughters depart Rio on the morning of day 17 – so l am keen to find out from someone – as G Adventures were vague on details and unable to answer me. Are you able to clarify? Thanking you in advance Georgie.

    • Hi Georgie – I must apologise for the extremely delayed reply to your comment. Your daughter may or may not have departed on her trip by now, but I shall reply anyway. When I was on the GAdventures tour we were able to spend a good two days together in Rio, and I had booked to fly home a day extra later. There are tourist trips to Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf and the favelas, which we spread out across the two days. As I wrote before I did feel it was very rushed and having had a lot of experience travelling now I would prefer not to travel like that again. However, if time is really short, then the trips that GAdventures get involved with are great for getting a taster of place.

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